Embark on a culinary journey of luxury and exploration that transcends mere dining experiences. Beyond simply serving meals, our private chefs offer an opportunity to traverse the globe through your palate and dining table. They are not just skilled cooks; they embody the essence of food from diverse cultures and regions.

Let us introduce some of the Private Chefs who have long experience in orchestrating our Clients’ Kitchen and palate for a long time.

Our Staffing Process

Profiles Sourcing

Drawing from our extensive 10-year pool of top-tier candidates, we are uniquely positioned to swiftly offer you the right candidates for your household needs. Our vast network, built over a decade of excellence in recruitment, allows us to expedite the sourcing process, making recruitment faster than average. We meticulously assess each candidate to ensure they align with your specific requirements and preferences.

Profile Verification

Once we’ve identified promising candidates, and they are not already verified by us, we conduct thorough background checks to verify their credentials and suitability for the role. This includes:

  • Reference Validations: We reach out to previous employers and colleagues to gather insights into the candidate’s performance, work ethic, and reliability.

  • Criminal Record Checks: For positions such as Nannies and Maternity Nurses, we conduct comprehensive criminal record checks to ensure the safety and well-being of your family.

  • Driving License and Record Checks: For roles that require driving, such as Drivers or Personal Assistants, we verify the candidate’s driving license and conduct checks on their driving record to assess their reliability and safety behind the wheel.

Previous Employers' Insights

Our team personally contacts the provided references to delve deeper into the candidate’s qualifications, experience, and character. This step helps us gain valuable insights and ensures that we’re presenting you with candidates who meet your standards.

Candidate Presentation

Once we’ve completed our thorough screening process and are confident in the candidate’s suitability, we present you with a curated selection of profiles for your review. Each candidate is carefully vetted and matched to your specific needs and preferences.

Candidate Interview

One you few profiles are pre-selected as potenital fit for the recruitment, the client will be able to interview the candidates remotely or in person to further idnetify the right profile.

Trial & Final Selection

Having a new member in the household is tricky and one interview might not be enough to be familiar with the profile. That is why, the client could choose to have trials with the candidate before making a decision.

Payroll Service

Payroll Service

With Aleydis Payroll Service for your business and household, we offer comprehensive support across salary management, social security, work permits, sickness leave, holiday entitlements, and tax management. By entrusting your payroll needs to us, you can focus on your core business activities or private life while enjoying the peace of mind that comes with professional, reliable payroll administration. Partnering with us for your payrolling needs comes with a range of advantages

Advantages of Payrolling:

  1. Professional Management of Your Staff: By entrusting your payrolling to us, you benefit from professional management of your staff. Our experienced team ensures smooth staff management and payroll admistration, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of with peace of mind.

  2. Advantage for Future Placements: Choosing our payrolling service gives you an advantage for future placements with us. Our deep understanding of your workforce and household needs puts us in a prime position to provide tailored recruitment solutions when the time comes to expand your team.

  3. Overseeing Conflicts or Improvements/Trainings Post Recruitment: Beyond payroll processing, we also oversee conflicts, improvements, and trainings post-recruitment. Our commitment to ongoing support means that we’re here to address any issues that may arise within your workforce and implement necessary improvements or training initiatives to enhance performance and satisfaction.

  4. Quick Solutions and Replacements: In case of the need for someone to fill in temporarily or to replace a staff member, our payrolling service offers quick solutions and replacements. Whether due to unexpected absences or staffing gaps, we’re equipped to provide efficient and reliable support to ensure minimal disruption to your operations.

Fixed Placement

Fixed Placement

How it works?

With Fixed Placement, clients gain access to our extensive network of experienced Nannies, Chefs, House manager among other, who are committed to providing dedicated service for the long term. We carefully assess our clients’ requirements and provide them with a curated selection of candidate profiles tailored to their specific needs and preferences.

Why Choose Fixed Placement?

  1. Long-Term Relationships: Fixed Placement is ideal for households seeking to establish lasting relationships with their household staff and enjoy stability and continuity in their household operations.

  2. Personalized Matching: Our personalized matching process ensures that clients are connected with candidates who not only have the necessary skills but also align with their values and lifestyle.

  3. Post-Placement Support Advantage: Choosing household staff through Fixed Placement provides the advantage of our team’s familiarity with the candidates. This allows us to efficiently introduce them to the client, ensuring a seamless transition into the household. Additionally, our post-placement support ensures ongoing assistance and guidance whenever needed, guaranteeing a lasting and successful staffing solution.

Part-time Staff

Hourly Household Staff

With Fixed Hourly household staff arrangements offer convenient solutions for households with varying needs or specific scheduling requirements. Whether you’re a busy family needing part-time assistance or require occasional support for specific tasks, hourly household staff provide the flexibility you need to manage your home effectively.

Advantages of Hourly Staff:

  1. Flexibility: Hourly household staff arrangements offer unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to tailor support according to your schedule and requirements. Whether you need assistance for a few hours a week or occasional help as needed, hourly household staff can adapt to your changing needs seamlessly.

  2. Tailored Support: With hourly household staff, you have access to a wide range of support options tailored to your specific needs. From housekeeping packages to chefs for special occasions, drivers for transportation needs, and nannies for childcare assistance, you can select the expertise you require precisely when you need it.

Mission-based Staff

Mission Staff

Mission-based household staff arrangements are ideal for a variety of scenarios, including:

  • Traveling Nanny: Need a nanny to assist with childcare during your travels or holidays? Our mission-based nanny services provide experienced caregivers to accompany your family and ensure the well-being of your children while away from home.

  • Holiday Housekeeper: Planning a getaway to your holiday villa or secondary residence in the mountains? Our mission-based housekeeping services offer professionals to maintain your property, ensuring it’s clean, comfortable, and ready for your arrival.

  • Event Chef: Hosting a special event or gathering at your home? Our mission-based chef services provide skilled culinary professionals to create delicious meals and memorable dining experiences for you and your guests.


  1. Specialized Expertise: Mission-based household staff are selected for their expertise and experience in specific tasks or roles, and their skill to quickly adapt to the needs of the host’s need during the short time on hand.

  2. Convenience & Peace of Mind: By hiring mission-based staff, you can enjoy the convenience of dedicated support that makes your holidays or occasions special and full of memorable moments.