Embark on a culinary journey of luxury and exploration that transcends mere dining experiences. Beyond simply serving meals, our private chefs offer an opportunity to traverse the globe through your palate and dining table. They are not just skilled cooks; they embody the essence of food from diverse cultures and regions.

Let us introduce some of the Private Chefs who have long experience in orchestrating our Clients’ Kitchen and palate for a long time.

Chef Bertrand - French Cuisine

Chef Bertrand's Insight

What ingredients do you use for your dishes?
 Chef: As a private chef, I utilize fresh, high-quality ingredients tailored to my clients’ tastes and dietary needs. My personal favourite is coriander, garlic, onions and garlic.

What attracts you to working with private families, and what do you enjoy about it?
 Chef: What attracts me to this line of work is the chance to develop close relationships with my clients and their families. I enjoy the intimacy of cooking for a small group of people and being able to cater to their specific preferences and dietary requirements. It allows me to be creative and inventive in the kitchen while providing a high level of service and attention to detail.

What do families and clients enjoy about having a private Chef?

Chef: Firstly, it offers convenience and flexibility, as they can enjoy restaurant-quality meals in the comfort of their own home, without the hassle of cooking or cleaning up. Having a private chef also allows for greater control over the menu, ensuring that every meal is tailored to their tastes and dietary needs. Additionally, it can be a luxurious and enjoyable experience for families to dine together, creating lasting memories around the dinner table.

Chef Francois - French Cuisine

Chef Francois' Insight

Sur La Terre: Why do you work in a private home?

Chef: The family that employs me was looking for chef with a leaning towards vegetarianism. I was offered the chance to cook superb products and express a form of creativity. I also like the climate and the respect that prevails among domestic staff. It’s a sort of family life


SLT: Your most valuable source of inspiration?

Chef: Nature. That’s my market. Nothing beats actually walking around among the products. I also like culinary reviews for the original ideas they provide.


SLT: Which two ingredients do you consider essential?

Chef: Lemon – it scents and serves scores of purposes in the kitchen – and “black fruity” olive oil from the Alpilles. A marvellous product that adds   avour and balances tastes.

Having known Chef Francois for over 10 years, he crafts exquisite dishes that transport our clients around the world through their dining experience. He has worked for many prestigious private households in an international environment.