Embark on a culinary journey of luxury and exploration that transcends mere dining experiences. Beyond simply serving meals, our private chefs offer an opportunity to traverse the globe through your palate and dining table. They are not just skilled cooks; they embody the essence of food from diverse cultures and regions.

Let us introduce some of the Private Chefs who have long experience in orchestrating our Clients’ Kitchen and palate for a long time.

Personal Assistant (In-house or Remote)

How does a PA changes your life?

In-house PA

Having a personal assistant can profoundly transform the life of a family or client by providing indispensable support and organization. Whether in-house or remote, a personal assistant streamlines daily tasks, manages schedules, and coordinates logistics with precision and efficiency. In-house assistants offer immediate accessibility and hands-on assistance, seamlessly integrating into the household to provide personalized support tailored to the family’s needs. They handle everything from household management to event planning, ensuring smooth operations and relieving the family of administrative burdens. 

Remote PA

On the other hand, remote assistants offer flexibility and convenience, leveraging technology to provide virtual support from anywhere in the world. With effective communication tools and digital platforms, remote assistants excel in managing correspondence, scheduling appointments, and conducting research, allowing the family or client to stay organized and focused, no matter their location. Whether in-house or remote, a personal assistant becomes an indispensable ally, enhancing productivity, reducing stress, and optimizing the overall quality of life for the family or client

A Virtual Personal Assistant? How does it work?

Virtual Personal Assistant

What is the process for having a virtual support form a PA?

At Aleydis Prestige, our virtual PAs are assigned to your account, ensuring dedicated assistance tailored to your needs. Managed and payrolled by Aleydis Prestige, our virtual PAs offer flexibility and convenience, allowing you to access professional support without the need for on-site presence. Through pre-agreed upon hours, our virtual PAs handle various tasks, including managing schedules, coordinating appointments, handling correspondence, and organizing travel arrangements, all while maintaining confidentiality and discretion.

How do I receive support from a Virtual PA

Our virtual personal assistants provide assistance remotely through various communication channels, such as email, phone calls, and video conferencing, ensuring constant accessibility and prompt response to your needs. Assigned dedicated hours according to your schedule, our virtual PAs prioritize your tasks and provide support during specified times of the day. However, if a situation arises where physical presence is required, our PAs are flexible and reactive, ready to adjust their schedules to accommodate your needs seamlessly.