Our LifeStyle Recruitment Service provides just the right consultant that will assist you with your everyday journeys on both personal and professional levels. Personal Assistant/Personal Shopper/Business Coach/Nutrition Specialist , all our consultants will make your life special.  

Whether you need a Personal Assistant physically present or virtually assisting you on everyday or business tasks, Aleydis Prestige can offer both options.

Our inhouse Virtual Personal Assistants will assist you at everystep of the way seamlessly and efficiently. You set the boundaries and our Personal Assistants will engineer your sketched tasks and provide you with options and scenarios to acheive the best result possible. 

Imagine someone that knows exactly your taste and style and who could see with your eyes.

It is a personal shopper, a person who will listen carefully to your needs and study your culture to procure the luxury items that you need without you being there. Personal shoppers will assist in procuring high-end made-to-measure clothing & shoes , home articles and decor, silverware and all what you think of.  

Efficiency is the new black.

With a Personal Trainer, you will have enough time to take a moment for your fitness while still go successfully through your busy day. The Personal trainer will make sure to listen to your needs and provide a customized workout program that best fit your condition and aspirations. 

You don't have the time to research and find new ways for advancing your game on the professional or personal levels ?

The life coach will do it for you. Life coaches will provide you options to unleash your full potential and acheive aspirations personally and professionally. 

Curious of what's in your plate? How many calories, little fibers or enough protein ?

A Nutrition Specialist will be able to answer your questions and teach you to up your game in the nutrition world. Whether you prefer vegeterian, vegan or meaty meals, your Nutrition Specialist will ensure to get the right amount of nutrients, fibers and calories. He or she will coodinate closely with your Private Chef to keep the taste that you like and plan regularly your meals.

Personal Assistant/Personal Shopper/Business Coach/Nutrition Specialist