Aleydis Prestige

Household & Childcare

Our Service of Excellence presents Household profiles that excel in their jobs with a long experience in private houses and verified backgrounds.

Nanny/Maternity Nurse /Baby-sitter

When it comes to children, it is a different equation. Our staff will provide the most convenient care for your growing child.

Whether a Nanny, Maternity Nurse or Baby-sitter, our staff has a long experience in guarding and nurturing children in private houses. They will study your family’s need to provide a customized care to your child that will put your mind to ease. Our certified Nannies and Maternity Nurses come from different backgrounds, speak different languages and are well aware of the preciousness of childhood and its importance in shaping one’s adulthood. 

Housekeeper/Domestic Couple

Those are the secret soldiers that maintain the property’s lustre and the items’ shine. Their duties are mainly household cleaning, laundry and maintaing the quality of the place with the ultimate dicscretion.

Domestic Couple could be convenient and cost-effective where the lady of the couple will take care of the interior of the property and the husband will maintain the exterior and work as allrounder or gardener.

Private Chef

The specialties of our seasoned Chefs will suit your palate and nutritional aspiration.

You will have the courtesy to roam the world from the edgeof you dining table. Any speciality, any cuisine you think of will be cooking behind the scenes with your private Chef. The private Chefs will study your taste so well that they will guess what your next meal is. A meal with just the right amount of flavour, nutriments and presentation.

Butler/Valet/Lady's maid

Your Butler is the formal image of your staff that wlecomes your guests, oversee meals’ serving and events planning. He also supervise and train the household staff. The butler will also have other duties such as keeping the silverware shiny, the wine cellar in check and more importantly the residents of the household comfortable.

Other butler’s duties could be  maintaining the employer’s wardrobe and preparing his clothing before events. The Lady’s maid will do the same but for the lady of the household beside other duties that involve beauty, care and wellbeing.

Estate/Household Manager

Depending on the size of your property and the complexity of your staff, Aleydis Prestige offers a made-to-measure service to meet your household requirements.

Our Estate managers and Household managers can oversee all the activities of your household and will anticipate your needs to save you time and effort and ensure that everything flows smoothly. Our team will carefully assess the responsibilites your household needs and make sure to provide the convenient profile with the necessary set of skills. 


Our experienced drivers and chauffers will be at your door steps ready to take you to your desitnation in no time and with the utmost cautiousness, punctuality and commitment.

Our Chauffeurs will be at your service to assist with any task outside the household and ensure that your vehicles are operational and shiny all the time.


The Handyman and Gardner will maintain the quality, functionality and aesthetic of the interior and exterior of your property.

Their long experience and committment will ensure to keep your property in the best shape.


Our Companions are personal carers with specific set of skills that allow them to take care with people with special needs.

Our Companions are personal carers with specific set of skills that allow them to take care with people with special needs. Our experienced carers will provide the best comfort to your beloved ones.