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What do we do

Aleydis Academy offers quality training for household staff. Our training courses cover the whole range of private home services with expertise:

  • Maintenance
  • Laundry management, textile processing
  • Childcare at home
  • The service and management of a private property

Our Trainings

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Formation de Cuisine (FR)

24 Février 2024, Pully

Formation Fabric Management (FR)

11 march 2023, Lausanne

Formation Housekeeping (FR)
13 May 2023, Geneva

Course information

Enrollement to the training includes:
  • One day theoretical and practical training (8.00 – 16.00)
  • Morning and noon Refreshements
  • Small gift such as cleaning product kit
  • Certification provided at the end of the course

*Reimbursement is until 30 days before the course

Training presented by

Housekeeping Course

In the framework of the continuing education course on housekeeping and maintenance of a private home, you will tackle different modules that will allow you to perfect your knowledge and learn new cleaning techniques.

The following topics will be covered:

  • 5* cleaning techniques
  • Weekly maintenance schedule
  • A simple floral arrangement
  • Inventory management
  • Know-how
  • Ergonomics

The training on Housekeeping and maintenance of a private home is intended for anyone interested in improving their skills in this field. It will take place in two parts; theoretical and practical on one day.

As a rule, the training will take place on a Saturday in different cities in Switzerland, such as Geneva, Lausanne or Zurich.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Training Coordinator by email : or by phone : 021 311 31 59.

Laundry & Fabrics Course

The management of the linen is a huge and delicate topic because of the numerous fabric types and the methods to treat them. The training will allow anyone interested in this field to improve their knowledge and know-how in the management of linen.

The topics covered will be as follows:

  • Cleaning and maintenance of linen
  • Management of delicate linen
  • Incrusted stain
  • Ironing and folding
  • Preparing a suitcase
  • Ergonomics

The training will take place, on a Saturday and will be divided into two parts: a theoretical and a practical part covered in one day. It can take place in Lausanne, Geneva and Zurich.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Training Coordinator by email : or by phone 021 311 31 59.

Butler & House Management Course

Our Butler course will give you all the necessary know-how and interpersonal skills to practice this stimulating profession.

This course is designed for anyone wishing to acquire a complete range of skills in order to work in a private household or in the hotel and restaurant industry as a Butler..

Course content:

  • Art of the table, the different types of service
  • Wines and champagnes
  • Cooking, preparation of menus
  • Management of dressings and fabrics, preparation of suitcases
  • Social skills, protocol
  • Pet care

Dates to come.

Prerequisites: ideally professional experience in the field or in a similar environment

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Training Coordinator by email : or by phone 021 311 31 59.

Nanny & Childcare Courses

A. Training Module for Early Childhood Assistants and Household Nannies

Aleydis Academy in collaboration with TotUp offers you our one-week training course with an internship in a nursery where you will learn the different essential points to better understand the needs of the child. This training is aimed at anyone wishing to work in a childcare facility (e.g. nursery) or in a private household and those who have already gained professional experience in the field.

Course content :

  • Understanding child development from 0-6 years old
  • Cultivating a relationship of trust
  • Creativity in the service of the child
  • The posture of the adult in the various moments of the day
  • The care of the child

The training duration is one week, with a trial period.

B. Training module for Household Nannies

  • Accompanying the child in daily activities while respecting parental values and a safe and secure environment.
  • Use of the rules of hygiene when caring for the child and maintaining the environment.
  • Use of preventive ergonomic techniques when handling, installing and mobilizing the child.
  • Carrying out care adapted to the child’s condition in aligning with the parents’ needs.
  • Establishing a communication adapted to the child and the parents’ needs.

The course duration is 2 weeks at full time.

Prerequisites: This training is for anyone wishing to develop their professional skills in order to get a complete training for the profession of Nanny at home. No prior experience is required.

Dates to come.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact our Training Coordinator by email : or by phone 021 311 31 59.